Rendering | VT 2019

Course Coordinator: John Stack Ross

Instructors / Assistants: ‎Elin Daun, Gediminas Kirdeikis, Henrik Yang, Nataly Timotheou


Course Schedule (PDF)

Example Student Work (PDF)

You may work individually or in groups of 2

This workshop will focus on rendering with V-Ray. You have 2 options for a digital model to use during the workshop.

  1. Barcelona Pavilion (Digital models will be supplied).
  2. Any digital model from your previous work (studio, workshops, etc) that you would like to render.

Note: Option 2 models should be architectural models with an exterior + interior.

Final Presentation Materials

  • Working individually (2 Renderings: 1 exterior, 1 interior)
  • Working in group of 2 (3 Renderings: 2 exterior + 1 interior or 1 exterior + 2 interior)
A3 Presentation Templates

Note: You are free to customize your graphics and layout, but please include your name(s) and the course code on your final work.


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