Site – Volume – View | HT 2018

Course Coordinator: John Stack Ross

Tutors: Elin Daun, Erik Selma, Gediminas Kirdeikis, Nataly Timotheou

CoverTverrfjellhytta, Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion (Plan)

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Note: You should work in groups of 2 or 3 for the workshop.

Task 1: Site

Select one of the site CAD files provided in the course and create a site surface in Rhino using day 1 tutorials. Please check the scale of your site using the dimension tools and make sure your file units are set to meters.

Objectives: To become familiar with basic surface modeling techniques through modeling and modifying a site location.

Task 2: Volume + View

A client is interested in building a pavilion on the site that’s comprised of 2 primary spaces.

  • A space that has a view to the south and receives morning sun from the east.
  • A space that views the trees and receives afternoon / evening sun from the west.

Additional design notes:

  • The pavilion should be between 100 and 500 m2.
  • The pavilion can be spaces joined together or separated.
  • The pavilion must clearly define an interior condition that is large enough for a person to enter.
  • The client is uncertain about style, form and material, but has provided a list of work as inspiration for designing with landscape.

List of works:

Use the above as initial design inspiration. Investigate ways in which volumes and forms can be integrated into the landscape and the way light will enter the spaces. How can orientation and views inform surfaces, shapes, and openings in your model?

Objectives: To become familiar with intermediate surface and solid modeling techniques for exterior and interior shapes / volumes.

Final Presentation Materials


  • You may use landscape or portrait format.
  • All final work to be handed in as a single PDF file for each group.
  • The work will be projected and reviewed Friday October 19. Please use appropriate PDF settings for line work / drawings to be digitally projected.
  • Any renderings should be at a resolution appropriate for projecting.

Rhino Commands

A3 Templates

  • 2 Person group – Presentation Template PDF
  • 3 Person group – Presentation Template PDF

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