Site Founder / Course Director

John Stack Ross –

John is a senior lecturer and course director at Lund University, LTH, School of Architecture where he teaches courses in architectural design, 3D digital modeling, and digital fabrication. John received his B.S.Arch from The University of Texas at Arlington and his M.Arch from Harvard University. Since 2000 he has taught studios, seminars, and design workshops at the University of Minnesota, University of Texas at Arlington, and the LTH, School of Architecture. In addition to being an invited critic and lecturer at offices and universities in Sweden, China, and the USA, he has practiced architecture in the USA, UK, Spain, and China. His teaching and research interests include emerging technologies, environmental analysis, data visualization, and evidence-based design.

Co-Instructors / Collaborators / Assistants

Albin Karlsson

Albin recieved his B.S.Arch from Umeå School of Architecture in 2015. His BA project involved a close investigation of the megapolis Mumbai where he stayed for a month mapping the dense city district of Dharavi. After graduating he spent one year as an intern at Arkinova Arkitekter, a small office in Umeå, doing everything from sketches to finished visualizations and presentations. He then decided to continue his education pursuing a masters degree at Lund School of Architecture within the Spatial Experiments specialization focusing mainly on computational design and additive manufacturing and has during 2017 been working on growth processes using grasshopper.

Gediminas Kirdeikis – (Website)

Gediminas received his Master in Architecture from Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2014. His master project investigated the possibilities of architectural development in misfit environments while mainly focusing on the post-traumatic nature of Beirut, Lebanon. The project included a wide range of simulations done both in Processing and Grasshopper for Rhino. His current research focuses on element relations within aggregated structures.

Jesper Wallgren (

Jesper received his Master in Architecture from CITA Studio at The Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 2013. His master project investigated the potential of tensegrity based structures in architecture. The project included simulations of fabric and structural elements, mainly done using the physics generator plugin Kangaroo (project link – He is currently running his own office in Malmö called Wallgren Arkitekter.

Joanna Sabak

Joanna received her B.S.Arch from West Pomeranian University in Szczecin, Poland, with an Erasmus semester spent at Gazi Univerisity in Ankara. Her bachelor level studies have involved an internship at 3YOURMIND, a leading 3D printing company located in Berlin, where she has developed her interest for digital tools and additive manufacturing. After graduating, she worked as an intern architect at Wallgren Arkitekter, and took part in a construction of parametric pavilion “Percolate” during Malmo Festivalen in 2016. Then she decided to continue her education at Lund School of Architecture within Spatial Experiments specialization, focusing mainly on computational design.

Ludvig Hofsten

Ludvig recieved his B.S. Arch from Lund School of architecture in 2015 and has been involved in the Digital Tools Courses in 2017. He studied in the laboratory of Kengo Kuma at the University of Tokyo, Japan, where he was working with the earthquake affected Fukushima district as well as poor neighborhoods in Manila, Philippines. In addition, he was an intern at Kengo Kuma and Associates, Tokyo and Malmö City Planning Office where he was working with visualizations for various projects. Ludvig has also been involved in a school construction project in Tanzania as well as many pavilion design competitions in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Nestor Campos

Nestor Campos received his M.S. Arch from the School of Architecture of Granada, Spain with an Erasmus year spent at the School of Architecture at Rome. After graduating, he worked as an architect in Germany for 5 years focusing on housing, offices, interior design and landscape architecture. He then moved to Sweden where he received an M.A. in Industrial Design at Lund University. During his master studies he has been participating in different programs such as collaborations with NASA, workshops at Bergen University and international exhibitions in Stockholm, Milan and Berlin. He is currently running his own studio, which focuses on furniture design, lighting and art direction.

Tomas Ramstrand

Tomas received his M.S Arch from Lund School of Architecture in 2015 with focus on housing development in rapid emerging cities in China, where he spent 3 months on a scholarship exchange, based in Nanjing. Since 2010 he have been teaching in numerous digital design studios for B.Arch and M.Arch students. He also spent one year on exchange in Sydney, Australia, where he got introduced to parametric design tools which have been one of his key interests up to date. His thesis involved how to optimize building mass and height using the environmental analysis tool Ladybug for Grasshopper. In 2015 he collaborated with Wallgren Arkitekter to create the first parametric design pavilion for the Malmö Festival and he also has working experience from China and Australia. At the moment he is employed at BIG Architects in Copenhagen.

Previous Assistants

Andreea Marcu
Bujar Abazaj
Christoffer Justusson
Farhad Jalalvand
Felicia Lans
Kajsa Holmström
Liina Pikk
Mats Håkansson Behrbohm
Rasmus Hellgren